FAQ: What should I wear to my Family Photoshoot?


This is actually more important than you might think – and it doesn’t just apply to family photoshoots. To get the most out of your session with your photographer, and have the best possible results, you absolutely should think about what you and your loved ones are going to wear. So here are my top tips for figuring out what to wear (and maybe even giving yourself an excuse to go and buy a new outfit):

1. Theme

My number one tip when deciding what to wear for your photoshoot is to come up with a theme. Here are some examples of themes to help inspire you:
– a colour scheme
– types of clothing (for example men in shirts, or everyone in woolly jumpers)
– opposites (girls in black, boys in red for instance)
– An interest your family all shares

NB: It’s generally best to avoid any patterns or tops with big logo’s right in the centre just because it can quite quickly distract from the image. Having said that, patterns can work quite well if they are soft or nicely contrast with your setting. If you are unsure, however, I would avoid them – just to be on the safe side. 

Parkers 01

2. Home Decor

Okay so I fully get that this may sound bizarre but, if you aren’t sure what to wear, it’s definitely worth thinking about what colour schemes you have in your home at the moment. If you are planning on getting these images printed, you may want to match your outfits with the colour scheme in a particular room.

Family Photoshoot, Autumn, Photographer, Berkshire

3. Consistency

This sort of does what it says on the tin. When you have your theme, make sure it is consistent with everyone – i.e. if your theme is a colour one and you’ve gone for red and white then ideally you want to make sure everyone has similar or complimenting shades of red. You don’t want to end up with one person in dark maroon and someone else in bright scarlet. Equally if the theme is woolly jumpers you might just want to check what sort of woolly jumpers folks will be wearing. Do some have sticky out carrot noses on because it’s Christmas while others are slightly more risqué and are off the shoulder?

Sunny Family Photoshoot with grandparents in Berkshire

4. Time of year

My fourth top tip! If it’s the middle of winter don’t be afraid to wear welly boots and big coats on your photoshoot. I’m actually a big fan and think they can look super cute.

In addition to this, time of year can play a big role in your theme so don’t be afraid to factor that in. If it’s nearly Christmas, you could include that in your theme and all come wearing Santa hats! No? Just me?

It’s also really great when you can contrast with your surroundings. I’ve done a number of beautiful family photoshoots in autumn where the leaves around us have been deep oranges and yellows and my families have decided to wear dark colours (mostly blue). The contrast between the natural autumnal background and my families always works so well!

Pregnancy Shoot


5. Make sure you are comfortable

Finally, and ultimately, you want to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing so that you can relax and enjoy the experience of having a photoshoot. You don’t want to look back at the photos and forever remember that wedgie that you couldn’t pull out (too far?).

Christmas -9


I hope this has been useful and lessened any worry. Maybe try your outfit on beforehand, and enjoy having your family memories captured. Let me know if you need any further advice – I’m always happy to help 🙂


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