About Me

Hi There! Who Am I? 

I’m Emma and I love capturing life. I studied photography at University but started my professional life as a primary school Teaching Assistant, specialising in Early Years. I loved working with children, but after a while, I could no longer ignore my hunger for a life with photography. I received my first Nikon when I was 17 and it’s been a passion of mine ever since. 10 years later and I can’t tell you how overjoyed it makes me to say it’s now my job.

I’m married to a wonderful man called Graham and together we have a pet hedgehog named Sonic. (He’s a real cutie so if you want to know more about him, you can follow him on Instagram). Both my husband and I were born in Reading and, other than going away to university, we have lived here our whole lives. I love, love, love being creative and making things look pretty which is the complete opposite to my husband – unless it’s a spreadsheet, anything creative brings him out in a sweat. (Which is strange because he actually took those photos of me up there^)

My Style

I love capturing natural moments with natural light and beautiful locations. I particularly love locations that have sentimental value to the couple or family that I am photographing. That could be a walk that you often go on, a field that you like to picnic in or a wooded area you’ve built dens in. Equally, it could just be your ‘happy place’ – for me that’s the beach, for my husband it’s anywhere there is a puppy (or a glass of red) and for Sonic it’s having his head stuck in a bowl full of juicy live meal worms!

Sonic(Here is a picture of Sonic — look at how cute he is!!)

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