Wedding Bridal bouquet and bridesmaid's bouquets

Jack & Harriet

Now, it goes without saying that planning a wedding is stressful. We’ve all heard stories of nice, thoughtful people becoming bridezillas and total recluses. And it makes sense. It is, for most people at the time, the most important day of your life. Before wedding planning, you probably found that the biggest thing you had to organise was a major birthday or surprise party….

FAQ: What is the advantage to having a Second Shooter?

It goes without saying that weddings are expensive. A lot of couples will make a budget and the top expenses often (but not always) go in this order: Venue + Catering, Wedding Dress, Photographer. After those three things, there is often not a lot left in the budget for much else let alone paying extra for a second¬†photographer. However, having a second photographer is…

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