The Algarve

After my husband had done SUCH a great job of organising our trip to Stockholm, I wanted to repay the favour and book him a trip somewhere for his birthday. His perfect holiday with me would be a little different to my perfect holiday with him – I mostly like to go exploring and he mostly  likes to sit by the pool. With that in mind, I started searching for affordable places to go on a short break with sun and pool/nearby beach.

The Algarve!

This can be quite an expensive place to visit depending on the time of year you go and the places you stay. Top tip: book your flights and accommodation in the January sales and go at the end of April/beginning of May for perfect temperatures at affordable prices. 

I decided that, as this trip was going to be less sightseeing and more sunbathing, I would leave my DSLR at home and just take my polaroid. This was the most fun decision – gone was the worry of breaking, losing or having my camera stolen and here was the fun of carefully constructing each image so as not to waste any of the polaroids I had brought with me.

Our View 2

I did find it hard to get the right exposure with a lot of them because the sunshine was just SO incredibly bright for most of the day. Above is the view from our bedroom balcony – so beautiful!! We stayed at a Spa and Golf resort in Armação de Pêra. There is not a huge amount to see here but there are some beautiful beach coves to go and see. Our hotel was overlooking a cliff top with these coves on either side and it meant that sunbathing had some incredible views!!

PolaroidsWe spent the majority of our time in Armação de Pêra sunbathing and exploring the beaches but on the last day the clouds came over, the wind became violent and every now and again the heavens opened and the rain poured. (Which made it somewhat easier to come home)!

As it was no longer sunbathing weather we did a quick google and trip advisor and came across two must see places:

  1. Carvoeiro – Along with another little beach, and plenty of great restaurants, this little village has something else extra special about it that is perfect for when you have some time to fill: Carvoeiro Boardwalk. This is a beautiful wooden walkway that takes you along the cliff edge and into some of the caves in the cliff. There are stunning views and is great for the explorer in you. It isn’t a very long walk but you’ll find yourselves taking your time and stopping off along the way to check out the views and hidden caves.
  2. Faro Old Town – One thing you do not need to waste your money on here is the Museum. It is €2 per person and the most dull museum I have been to. Instead, you would have a better time wandering through the old streets and checking out the harbour. We almost got lost in these old cobbles lanes and I’m glad we did because we found this one particularly beautiful street lined with Orange Trees! We didn’t have very long here so I’m sure there are lots of other places we didn’t see!
    Polaroids 2

Thinking of going? By booking in the January sales and going mid-April we were able to get both of our flights, 4 night’s accommodation (including breakfast) and a hire car for roughly £420. ←That’s for both of us, not per person.

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