Our 6 Week Adventure

In September 2017 my husband, Graham, and I set off on a 6 week adventure together. We visited 5 different countries and found ourselves in 6 different time zones. It was tiring, we argued and the weather wasn’t always great; sometimes we found ourselves at the airport trying to catch a flight that didn’t actually exist. But it was also the most wonderfully enriching experience that left us, at times, speechless.

This page will just be a little snapshot of that time but if you would like to read a more detailed summary of our adventures, you can also read our blog: http://weblogit.co.uk/u/EmmaBettes


We spent approximately 10 days in this amazing country and saw 5 different places (mostly in the north). The main thing that stood out about this unique place is how accommodating the Vietnamese are! They are so eager to help you whenever possible; it was so lovely.


We only really had 1 day to see the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Our main reason for stopping here was to see an old friend of mine (old in the number of years I have known her, not in how many years old she is).


Technically we spent most of our time in Manly, not in Sydney, which is where Graham’s brother is currently living with his now fiancé. Both Manly and Sydney are beautiful places to live and I can see why so many Brits go over there and don’t com back! Graham and I aren’t ‘Big City’ people but we both agreed that if there was one city we could live in, it would be Sydney.

New Zealand

We only had 8 days in this beautiful country and spend the entire time on the South Island. We started in Queenstown (home to the most wonderful and accomodating people) and drove up the west coast and then along to Christchurch. New Zealand instantly became my favourite place in the entire world! (I even jumped out of a plane while I was there)!


Back to Australia for us and we came  to this particular part purely for the kangaroos, Koalas and the beaches. The plan was to spend an entire week going from beach to beach so that when we headed home we would be insanely bronzed. We didn’t factor in the month’s worth of rain that this area of Australia was going to have in our first 4 days of being there. We had a grand total of 90 minutes on the beach in the sunshine just before we headed back to the airport (yes, our last day was the only sunny day we saw). But we did still manage to do the other things on our list!

Hong Kong

I wasn’t expecting much except bustling crowds and smog; it far exceeded those expectations. Hong Kong is actually beautiful! We were only here for something like 32 hours and in that time we caught the tram up to Victoria Peak, ate chicken toes and had one fantastic shopping spree!


This was the most amazing trip I have ever been on and I learnt so much in the 6 weeks we were away. I hope this isn’t the only time I get to experience that side of the world.

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