For Christmas, my husband surprised me with a weekend away to Stockholm. Neither of us had ever been to Sweden so this was quite exciting. I love being able to tick countries off my list of places to visit.

He also knows me well – I can be quite impatient – and the weekend was all booked in for the middle of January. Not only did this mean I only had to wait 3 weeks but it also meant that we were going at a time when you can pretty much guarantee snow. And boy, had it snowed! The snow was falling so badly the night we arrived that we were redirected to another airport as it was too dangerous to try and land. My husband refers to the moment we were told we didn’t have enough fuel to wait for the snow to ease, as ‘real life die hard’.

If you ever find yourself in Stockholm, there are 3 places you HAVE to visit.

  1. Drottningholm Palace

Now we never actually made it into the palace (it was about £16 each) but we did spend hours wondering around the palace gardens (which was free). I’m sure this place is beautiful all year round but its an absolute MUST in the snow. Some of the locals had set up tobogganing on some of the nearby hills and it was hilarious to watch.

Photo 21-01-2018, 11 02 53.jpg

Drottningholm Palace Gardens

Photo 21-01-2018, 10 35 26

Throwing snow in Drottningholm Palace gardens.

Stockholm 14

Graham with snowy Drottningholm Palace behind.


2. The Nobel Prize Museum.

Museums can be a hit and miss in my experience – from eternally dull to extremely fascinating. This is one of this museums that is definitely the latter. I had no idea that there are 6 different Nobel prizes that can be won OR that Alexandra Nobel made his money by inventing dynamite!! From memory, I think this one was about £12 each but with all of these things, you get a discount if you are a student. The museum isn’t very big but they do have free guided tours and an app for those who don’t want to wait. The app talks you through the different bits of the museum and explains in further detail what you are looking at in the display cases.

3. Tyresta National Park

This is actually a little bit out of Stockholm so you will probably need a car but it is SO worth it. Another place that I am sure is gorgeous in the summer but absolutely breathtaking in the winter. All of the rivers were completely frozen and the trees covered in white. There are several different walks you can take so you could easily take up a few days just exploring the forestry. They also have toilets, free parking and possible a cafe (although we didn’t wander up far enough that way to find out and it might not be open in winter).

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